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Time travels for everyone but not everyone can travel through time. Having a rare, dormant gene and a synthesized drug enables selected few to time travel. Blue, a social outcast, soon discovers he’s among the lucky few…or is he? as he has to leap through time in his debut to stabilize the timeline, prevent the end of the world and save the woman of his dreams. Alas, succeeding in the first two thus saving the world means the loss of his love forever.

Tags: Sci-fi, Time travel, Lucid dreaming, Alternate History


Saving a destroyed marriage is hard when your significant other is suffering from major depression… but saving a life, your life is even harder when a third entity is involved; a supernatural one.


Tags: Horror, Supernatural, Love


The life of the 17-year-old Jessie turns upside down as she unravels the shocking truth about herself and her single mother in a series of unpredictable yet predictable events that include love, betrayal, selfishness, time travel and a huge paradox of existence. Jessie, soon has to battle with herself to make an impossible decision whether to maintain the current timeline to face a devastating life once more or change it completely for a much worse future, full of unknown.

Tags: Sci-fi, Time Travel, Survival,

activitycookbookTeachers are just like chefs in various ways. Chefs have their kitchens to prepare their masterpieces, we have our classrooms to perform our art. They use meat or vegetables, we use students as ingredients. They have to make preparations beforehand, so do we! They have cookbooks to give them new ideas, just as we have books like this to try some new ideas in our lessons.

English Activity Cookbook” consists of 18 activities covering most of the basic grammar points while making teaching fun! Different sections for each activity in the book has the 1st course, the 2nd course and dessert preparation which is basically the warm-up, the main activity and the follow-up. Bon Apetit!


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