Short Stories


Please scroll down to jump to my story links… Otherwise, bore yourself with a couple of paragraphs about why I write short stories…


Imagine spending a month or so in a transatlantic bath tub just crossing the Atlantic a couple of centuries ago or think about the simple fact that people had to wait more than a couple of weeks just to hear about the news in a far-away territory. People had nothing but time those days and sadly not many of them were avid readers. As people became literate and started enjoying books, massive volumes began appearing on the market. Published in 1912, Marcel Proust’s “A la recherche du temps perdu” still comes first as the longest novel ever written and published according to the”Guinness Book of World Records“. It’s roughly 1.3 million words across 3000 or so pages in 13 volumes.

But now,

We live in an era where everything seems to keep going in fast-forward. And our attention span nowadays matches the memory length of fish. Even a 20-minute commute to work gets on our nerves and it isn’t possible to finish such lengthy novels at one go. So, enter “Short Stories”… and it’s good for authors, too, as they are easier to edit and finalize.

Here are my published short stories that you can enjoy reading online. Information and links are provided below:

The Mouldy Loaf” published by “Lucent Dreaming“…


The Mouldy Loaf” is a short story of approximately 2500 words that tells us the story of one ordinary man, who has accidentally found a way to time travel using a loaf of bread…

The story came 2nd at Lucent Dreaming‘s first ever short story contest held in the Spring of 2018.

The Night Couple” published by “Sky Island Journal“…


The Night Couple” is a sci-fi flash fiction piece with a word count of approximately 500 words. It basically looks closer to the weird relationship between an odd couple, stretched on the sands of a mysterious shore.

The story was published on Sky Island Journal‘s Issue 5 (2018 Summer Edition) and found itself a place among both emerging writers and poets as well as better-known ones.



Keep checking here for more… 🙂

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