Redefining Society and Living Free

blog090Do you ever feel continuing bliss (not just short bursts of limited happiness) in your life?
How long has it been since you were truly happy?
We are becoming more and more like machines that are programmed to live a boring, aimless life with certain strict rules. We can hardly do whatever makes us happy in our society like saying what we really think about people, not caring about what people really think about us, admitting that you love someone, rolling in mud in rain, sailing a toy ship in the bath tub, wailing like a banshee unexpectedly, dancing naked in the streets and even choosing what we eat (nowadays people are often not happy with the food they consume due to dietary restrictions).
Can you remember a time when you could do all of these and not judged by the society that we shaped up in the first place?
Actually, there are multiple ways, each with a major drawback:
1. When we are drunk or stoned… (but here, we are still judged by the rules of society that we created)
2. When we suffer from a severe mental disorder  (but again we can never be totally free in our actions, the best case scenario is that we will be locked in an asylum with like-minded fellows).
3. When we are so old that we frequently shit our pants (but here, there’s the problem of finding the required energy to act freely due to old age and our decaying bodies)
4. when we are in our infancy… (but here, we have a disadvantage of height and strength required to do everything we have in our minds)
The best option to live a life where we are totally free, is the last one. Moreover, we have a suitable body in our adulthood. So, why don’t we live like kids? Wouldn’t it be the perfect society for us?
And there should be only one rule:
Not to hurt others in the process in any way…
It is easy enough and I started trying to live like this a short while ago. I do feel happy. Come and join me and let’s rewrite the rules of our society and redefine total bliss in life.
What are you waiting for?

Getting old or getting aged



I’m 39 (No, it’s not my birthday) It’s the oldest age I’ve reached and the youngest I’ll ever be. And also it’s the first time I’ve come to terms with getting old…My hair had a fallout with me, I have wrinkly skin, a missing tooth, a persistent cough and a mild disgust for modern music with gibberish lyrics.

Or maybe I’m not getting old, just getting aged. Aging like whisky. Getting better as years go by. The resemblance is uncanny. We are both spirits trapped either inside oak barrels or a degrading meatsuit. The lifetime experience I’ve had is the flavor while the wrinkly skin and the lost tooth can easily be the battle wounds I’ve gathered throughout my personal battle with time.

I can almost hear you mumbling “What’s the point in him writing all about this?” I’m not trying to convey the message that getting old is hard to accept…what I’m trying to say is that no matter how old you are, you’re the age you feel…(That wasn’t really it, but this sounds about right, too).

Two weeks ago, I felt exactly like that within a bunch of people of varying ages in Valencia. I was in my teens again and they were too, proving that age is just numbers and youth is always inside you…us, waiting to be dug out.