A true anecdote of probability

A feast of friends. ..

Benimaclet, Valencia. A late lunch gathering (technically it’s not late in Spain to have lunch at 3 pm but anyway) The scorching sun pours down its rays, penetrating and piercing the shade provided by urban trees at different places, at different intervals. Nine people around the table constantly change places either to catch a bit of sun or avoid it when it becomes unbearable. The people are newly found friends yet strangers from different lands. A mix of nations… With the last random seating arrangement, the common chatter turns into a group discussion about astrology and signs. Nobody around the table has an idea about each other’s natal details. Then, the shocking truth reveals itself: the first two sitting next to each other are Aries, the next two Gemini, the next three Libra and the final two Taurus. What’s the probability of nine people sitting randomly next to each other, aligned according to their signs? Is it the soul of mathematics announcing its presence in the real world? Is it the sun, making a divine arrangement by sending bursts of heat down? Is it pure coincidence? What’s the probability?