The Addiction to Fear

The reason why the human race has survived for so long is rooted in our basic instincts; our sugar-coated emotions. Feeling disgust, for instance, may make you want to puke every time you experience it, but in reality it’s one those feelings that can easily save your life. Would you drink your own piss, eat your own excrement or hug a leper? No, right? (if you do enjoy such activities, you can skip this section and proceed to the next one below). If we hadn’t had such an effective defense mechanism, we would have been long wiped out by diseases or infections rather than surviving by running away from things which might have harmed us.

Fear is another, useful instinctive feeling that has saved our lives numerous times and ensured the survival of us all. Yet again, it may not be our most favorable emotion but it sure is a steel wall of defense, protecting us every time it emerges. We may not be running away from wild animals in the age of technology, but we still have those friendly, vital shivers when push comes to shove. Fear unfolds our true character and unmasks our soul. Stripped out of our behavioral armor, only then we transform into our purest form.

Being scared is good and healthy for our own good. Observing other people in fear teaches us about those who conceal themselves under a deep web of fake emotions… when you’re in fear, you can never run away from your true self and that is why I am addicted to fear…