Notes on rejection of most kinds

Being rejected for no matter what, is always depressing and we tend to get more and more rejected as we get older. However, It has nothing to do with the ageing process. It is just that the world population is out of control. With a world population of over 7 billion, there are always better versions of us, pottering around, waiting to be hand picked. We are dragged into a constant race against each other, where there are only losers.

Imagine that you were a blacksmith in the dark ages when the overpopulation was not an issue. How hard would it be for you to find a job? Or to get married with a decent lady?

These times, there are almost ten times more applicants for a mediocre job post, where every single applicant is qualified. Yet, one is most likely to be eliminated due to old age, being under or over-qualified or just the fact that your new boss does not like you. 

But, how can we cope with rejection. Here are a few cases:

1. You are a writer and you are trying to get your first book published. You get an email of rejection with no viable explanation every time you submit your manuscript. You discover that you are not amongst the lucky few who succeeds. Do not give up! Wasn’t your intention was to be read by complete strangers? Well, the editorial staff is reading them for sure. Isn’t that enough? If it isn’t, you can always try self publication and become a best seller amongst family. No?

2. You apply for every job you are qualified to change your bad luck in employment. People with less qualifications and experience seem to kick you out of that list of applicants (Yes, I am talking about the HR). Well, it’s their loss after all. Try to go to a job interview with your own ideas and projects, make a difference and if they still cross your name off, don’t bother. They never deserved you anyway. 

3. You are an average Joe in physique and you do not seem to have an attractive attribute for the opposite sex (or the same sex). People nowadays have high expectancies and with those high expectancies come huge disappointments. You cannot change people’s minds. After all, we are a dumb race. Use your flaws to your advantage. Flaws are sexy and make differences. Use them wisely. If you’re rejected, keep on going. You wouldn’t want to be with anyone who doesn’t like you anyway. Plus, being single has its own advantages.

No expectations, no disappointments 

There are over seven billion people populating the Earth and yet most people feel lost and lonely. We are the most unsocial, social species that have dominated the world; highly advanced primates fueled by basic instincts. We want others to accept our ideas without questioning but we get enraged when others do the same. It’s hilarious as it’s never our original ideas that we are defending; we’re reflecting the notions of our parents or idols, who defended their idols’ ideas. We have overhanging decorative ears, which are useless as we can’t even hear how our words sound ourselves. As a result, we’re drifting away from each other, embracing loneliness in a gigantic crowd. 

The solution has never been so easy; leveling your expectations of people to the ground level. When you have no expectations, you can never have resulting disappointments.

The moral? 

Always listen to people but try not to change them. Don’t expect anything from anyone. You’re your best friend and it’s hard to disappoint yourself once you shut yourself to the outside voices.