Smart Phones and whatever

Alexander Graham Bell’s dream was to be heard over a distance; a mere voice projection and nothing else; a device solely responsible for communication. What would he be thinking if he lived now, in the era of smart phones; seeing his invention taking a weird turn and becoming a device of self isolation and addiction? I bet he wouldn’t be so content as we’re not really using smart phones for their main functionality which is basically to speak to people.

We can take photos, send letters (emails), log into our bank accounts, play games, watch movies, make movies, like pictures of cats, listen to music, apply for jobs, remember and celebrate birthdays, use them as flashlights, look for directions, check weather reports, plan our holidays, chat with complete strangers, absorb radiation and develop brain tumors.

We can do all of these without uttering a single word and most of them without involvement of a second body.

So, what happened to the communicative aspect of phones?

The answer is obvious: Nobody cares anymore as long as they have the latest device, access to social media and a wall charger.

This is all for now. I have to stalk some stranger’s profile and watch funny cat videos.

You and yourself (on loneliness)

You feel you are not needed, perhaps you have never been but this does not make you feel better. You’re lonelier than the loneliest man  alive…or dead. You’re not the first man born and cerrainly not Adam or Eve. Yet, you’re lonely even when you’re by yourself, clinging to your soul, hugging it tightly. You burst into tears but even when each tear slides off your cheeks, it makes way only for itself, runs its course and drops onto the ground,  splattering away and disappearing upon impact. You see the shady ghosts of people who used to be around you. You can hear them but they are deaf to you. In a nutshell, you’re in a nutshell rattling inside, hitting the concrete hard walls blindly, vagabonding freely in your inner prison cell.