Of Women and the Perception of Beauty


* This article is dedicated to all women who find themselves flawed in terms of physical beauty. 
Imagine Marilyn Monroe without the mole on her cheek…Picture Tina Fey missing her trademark of the blade mark on her face…Think of a much taller Shakira overlooking everyone bird’s view… or Keira Knightley with Dolly Parton boobs…
No men can ever say that they find the names above as not attractive as they are now…
What some people call physical flaws are actually modifications in bodies or faces that make them unique and give them character. So, true beauty lies in imperfection or perfection via flaws.
The most beautiful women in the world are all around me! They are not celebrities hidden under makeups; they are beautiful souls with a smile and possess what they believe as flaws:
Crow’s feet
Misshapen toes
Assymetric facial features
Lump in the belly
Funny colored birthmarks or moles
Height closer to the ground
Bushy eyebrows
Stubby fingers
Scars here and there
And many more…. are what make women so beautiful and most importantly; unique! Beauty lies in the rarity..
All women are beautiful if they believe in themselves and accept all the things that make them unique.
And men?
We are all ugly. Period.