The most under-rated art: Writing (Part 2)

The most under-rated art: Writing (Part 2)

In my previous post, I not only briefly outlined the power of writing, but also raised the question why professional writing is considered so under-rated in every aspect of modern life (I usually get a frown followed by confused looks when I tell people I earn my living as a ghost writer). The misperception towards writers is even worse in the business world.

Thanks to the fruits of the internet and online marketing, brand-new companies are diving into the market every second, but unwillingly maim their newborn brand by having no budget or severe budget cuts in terms of hiring professional writers in promoting their businesses. Of course, it’s much easier to get help from the company CEO’S willing nephew studying at an unrelated department in college or it’s certainly much cheaper to find the resources from the company’s existing work force; an over-ambitious employee who would try anything for a promotion.


…spending a penny in the right place helps building social branding, having a unique voice and style, being different in a giant pool of competitors…

What’s more?

Implementing SEO into any piece of online text guarantees visibility in search engines and in a way provides free marketing which otherwise can only be bought by excessive expenditure. In the end, companies who hire professional writers save money by spending it in the right way!

Getting professional help in writing related services also helps companies in…

Not becoming a laughing stock in the eyes of their potential or current clients…

…and their planes are suspected to be in the sky after taking off!

Professional writers are also expert researchers! Not that this news article published a while ago needs any researching, but still… just imagine what happened to the credibility of the newspaper after a careless reporter writes off such an alluring headline!

Getting their message out loud and clearly…

Even the tiniest flaws like typos, a missing or misplaced punctuation in writing can easily convey your message in a totally undesired way. Just like the case of the missing comma in the sample sentence below:

“Let’s eat Grandma!” versus “Let’s eat, Grandma!”

Imagine the comma-less motto perfectly placed in a poster ad for your newly (de)formed food company!

Image credit: Make a meme

Your emerging company would not only be labelled as having cannibalistic tendencies, but it would also bring some unintended mishaps regarding people over a certain age… People get offended for much less…

And typos?

Why sell for less just because of a misplaced letter! Image credit: Pleated Jeans

Giving a unique style / voice to their services or products…

Targeting audience in the right way and making more sales is not an easy task… at least not for those lacking writing skills. Words have immense power and with that power comes great responsibility. And if that power is used in the right way, masses will follow. Any potential customer has the basic ability to correlate product photos with its unnecessary descriptive and factual text regarding its physical appearance that can be seen from the photos themselves. What most production descriptions lack, is that they often fail to convey how that product would make the customer feel. Feelings can hardly be levied otherwise.

Another useful tip about identifying the target audience and writing accordingly is not being compelled to use technical jargon for products intended for kids. It is not the greatest idea although such ads target parents as well… but even so, the parent then has to paraphrase whatever you’re selling to their kid, most probably lacking adequate product or service info.

Product Description: Scoliosis Surgery “Scar Buddy” Awareness 10″ Bear | Handmade Incision Sewn, Spinal Fusion, Titanium, Neurosurgery, Scoliosis Warrior. Image credit and product link: Etsy

I am well aware that the above product and its description is not intended for kids, but still it serves my purpose…

Becoming global and making history…

Did you know that in the original French version of the story, Cindrealla’s slippers were made of fur, not glass? “Vair – fur” and “verre – glass” sound almost alike. A basic misinterpretation of the word still has a huge impact today, but rewriting history does not always turn out to be so positive! (Glass slippers are much more fitting than fur shoes for this story:))

furshoes        glassshoes

An Essay on Carrots, Toothbrushes and Eternity…

The main ideas of this short piece of writing are “being forced to do nothing” and “doing things that produce nothing” (We’ll talk about carrots and etc. a tad later)

Imagine a job in which the occupants (employees)are paid for things they don’t do. You arrive early in the morning, prepare your coffee and sit behind your desk, stretching your fingers… getting ready to play finger tap dance on your desk. You turn on your computer and stare at the blank screen. Muscle memory is a weird thing… Perhaps it’s the buzzing sound of the motherboard fan that calms you down. Your coffee gets cold due to inattention. You brew another one nevertheless. You check the huge clock on the wall. You hear the ticking sound but the hands seem paralyzed, moving maybe an inch once in every hour. Then, comes the lunch break, you quickly rush to the hot dog stand in the corner and get your usual frankfurter. You hurry up the steps into your office and check the time once again . There’s still an hour for the lunch break to end, but you find yourself sitting in your chair, munching on your sandwich. Perhaps, it’s the only different thing you do in your office all day and that’s why you want to spend some quality time there. The lunch break ends and you hear a soft knock on the door. It’s the boss’ secretary. She is holding a huge jar of peas. The boss wants you to count the peas in the jar, categorize them according to their size and color… and recount them. You have stopped complaining about the uselessness of these types of errands long ago. You can easily guess the answer you’re going to have: “Peas are different from carrots and that’s why they have to be categorized and counted.” The response you get, will make no sense as you’re not even in the food industry. Correction! It won’t make sense even if you’re in the food business. You count half of them and record your findings on a sheet of paper, add some more numbers to each total as if you have counted them all. A weird smirk of accomplishment settles onto your face. You return the jar back to the secretary, who tells you that a colleague of yours will double check it. You smile as you know he will agree with you in the end. He always does. 

Now… about the title. When you are stuck between a paradox of having to do nothing and working like mad on something useless, your mind becomes creative. You start thinking like a philosopher, questioning life in every way you can and when you’ve run out of ideas that are logical, you pick on totally different concepts and think over them, making meaningless connections in search for the meaning of life.

So, carrots, toothbrushes and eternity… I challenge you to find connections and answer an eternal question. “What is life?”

I have….

Hint: Toothbrushes are used for cleaning teeth…