Awake and alone. The silence in the bedroom is deafening. Half stretched on the bed, clinging onto the extra pillow for the odorless scent long gone. The brain starts an early shift while the muscles are still adrift. The same unforgettable memories storm to the defenseless mind. Unblockable. A single slipper on the floor facing the bedpost looking for its mate. Joining the search yields no results. Blood rushes to the brain and the hair gives in to gravity while dangling down, however, adjusting the point of view is fruitless; the right one is probably left at another place or time. The sudden jolt to the uptight position of the body reveals that the feeling of cold marble cannot steer away the fixated, empty looks but starts a languid effort to the next destination of the routine.
The kitchen cupboard provides two mugs though the steaming coffee is enough to fill just one. The unique aroma of the brew fills the mind with ancient but somehow fresh memories as if the nostrils had a weird kind of muscle memory even when it isn’t the coffee drinker’s favorite.Tears form but the steam is blamed. Fears settle in but the heart is tamed…

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