Illusions: How I became a crappy horror-erotica author.


Lise dragged me to the gents’ and we rushed inside a narrow toilet space and began kissing. Soon, we were half naked and the freezing toilet seat had already stolen the heat off my butt, making me hard…to concentrate. However, I didn’t care, we didn’t care, we had found ourselves in each other’s arms again. We kept going on although we heard other men came in through the outer door. I wasn’t going to be embarrassed, if Lise wasn’t.

Above is an excerpt from my flash fiction “La Verita” which started as a supernatural horror and transformed into horror-erotica upon publication. I have to tell you though that it was only me to blame for this misconception as I couldn’t decide whether it had adult content judging from the excerpt above, but I marked it as adult content to be on the safe side anyway.
I’m thinking of changing the genre to avoid angry masses of playboy magazine subscribers who had high hopes when they downloaded the book.  First of all, there’s only partial nudity. Then, there’s no demon sex; only half-naked, half-baked human sex scene. ..yes,  scene not scenes and etc.
What should I do? Please comment.

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