Social media and people’s con. ..nect. ..ion iss. ..ues.


It’s in our nature…we all want to connect like a tree digging its roots into mother earth. The earth understands the tree and it’s the same for the tree. The tree (technically, a sapling) grows, becomes stronger and bears fruit; the fruit of its own production. However, human relationships are nothing like that. least not anymore. Unlike trees,  we dispatch our weakest roots trying to cling on cement, rubber, metal or anything else but earth. We die from the inside and we’re not even aware.
It didn’t use to be like this; meeting total strangers online with whom you have nothing in common but an Internet connection, or liking duck-faced weirdos; trying to post witty comments on their profiles just to be liked back. We used to follow influential people, true leaders, now we follow for follow.
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