Molecular (The story of tears)


This is the story of a molecule; a molecule in a tear drop. Tiny, yet powerful when amassed with its millions of fellows, like an angry mob acting in a disharmony of unison. You, I, the eye creates it when emotions go wild and out of control. It’s joined by others instantly upon its creation and altogether they begin their downfall journey, gradually flowing through the salt mines until they reach a tiny opening which they could barely squeeze through. And the excitement begins, sliding down at an increasing pace with the help of gravity; going over hills and through the burnt bushes on the cliff edge. The free fall begins for the remaining few not subdued on the way. It’s sweet while it lasts but the impact is hard and they splash away from each other and leak into the soft ground beneath. They are shaken but they have survived, providing life force to a blooming flower, proving life still goes on.

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