Rip your jeans now or simply buy a pair of professionally ripped ones


The photo shows my newest pair of jeans, professionally ripped in the most disturbing places just for my taste. The part sticking out of the ajar opening is the elegant looking inner lining of the right pocket. Thanks to the latest technology in design, the more you put stuff in your pocket, the more it bulges out, making the inner right pocket inflatable to your choice, making sure every eye out in the street is envying you.

Seriously….Why do you think I bought them?

Honestly, it’s not becaıse I couldn’t resist the temptation of owning the latest craze of fashion… and I wasn’t persuaded by the magical words of the lovely shop assistant, either. It was just because I needed to buy a pair of jeans fast (Don’t ask why!) and the ones in the shop(s) were all like this, though they were ripped or slashed in various places:

The ones missing huge chunks of coverage in the knees weren’t really for me as once my knee slipped out of the hole, it became a challenge to get it back in my pants and I didn’t have the sexiest knee caps…

The ones with tiny holes in the crotch area….the tiny holes were extendable once you stretched them. They were the jeans of my dreams. However, it wasn’t my lucky day! The shop didn’t have my size left, so with watery eyes I went on to try the jeans slashed so vigorously that they were missing the complete coverage of a single leg, yet they were not shorts. Strips of denim peeling off and sweeping the floor wasn’t to my liking.

In the end, I bought the ones in the pic just for double the price of normal, unripped jeans …and with empty pockets, it doesn’t look too bad while walking.

I would suggest Katja Vandl’s song “Fashion Victim” playing in the background while you’re reading this entry.



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