Fast food restaurants: The art of unwelcoming guests

We all love fast food because it’s quick, cheap and unhealthy; three qualities that people are mindlessly drawn at, forged in one desire: Fast food!

It’s like a dilemma as people in this era want to keep fit but still can’t draw themselves away from it (Yes, even an innocent looking salad in a restaurant can be fast food. So, don’t fool yourselves). And always keep in mind that the anagram of “fast food” is “fat foods”. We might have been exercising like mad for hours just to lose the calories gained at our weakest noon or evening! We are basically pouring loads of money to fatten our bodies and then even more to get it in shape (to our bodies’ original states) by subscribing to gyms. In simple words: We are renting fat.

And here comes the interesting part:

Since fast food is really popular especially amongst teenagers, why do their restaurants have:

* uncomfortable plastic garden chairs that limp?

* sticky floors where even Michael Jackson couldn’t have moonwalked in his prime?

* air smelling of over and over overcooked grease?

* really bad coffee?

It’s all because they want to make their customers to feel uncomfortable as much as they can and encourage them to leave soon after they finish their messy meals. Would you want to sit in a fast food restaurant for hours? Arrange to meet a date over a romantic meal in any of them? Or have the worst coffee ever to enjoy over a chat after a meal? 

Because only after the customers are gone, new guests can arrive.

P.S: One of the most popular chains have a horrid looking clown as a mascot. For me it looks like a scarecrow or… a scareclown. I think it’s sole purpose is to plant seeds of uneasiness into innocent obese souls. 

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