Into the World of Veteran Teachers

Automated limb movement, geriatric impulses, memorized lines and the same jokes told at the beginning of each term. The gradual fading of initial joy, reflected upon the self-prepared, plain packed lunch of no flavour. Welcome to the world of veteran teachers…

Dreams of retirement start crowding the mind, as the teacher; once a king, finds it difficult even to entertain himself. His throne room; the classroom has become his own prison, vagabonding in a maelstrom of self-punishment, sentenced to write sentences that have lost their meanings through time. As for the audience; names change, faces change but the mentality stays in the same line of ignorance. The kids don’t care anymore as any information can be found online though instant feedback cannot; a teacher’s only remaining forte in the digital age… currently regarded as highly overrated. The generation gap surfaces in the form of a different understanding of basic terms: Critical thinking, now refers to the condition the students’ mental abilities… It’s time to leave the stage…

2 thoughts on “Into the World of Veteran Teachers

  1. Time to leave the stage?? Never.
    Against the burnout, holiday or to take a sabbatical, but never to give up hope. Teachers are still necessary and more than before.


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