Why we need Drama and Pain in Life

Why we need Drama and Pain in Life


Our lives are destined to get dull as soon as we’re born. As routines take over our childlike imagination when we step into adulthood, it gets even more boring; getting up, taking a shower, having breakfast, going to work, having lunch, coming back, watching TV with the usual wine glass in hand and going to bed for the next same day. That’s also basically why we all love weekends or off days, as they break the dullness of the routines we all loathe. We can go camping one weekend and stay home doing nothing the next. Any out-of-the-ordinary activity will make us feel good and boost our morale.
Routines are boring whether it’s the activities or our emotional state. We crave for changes subconsciously.
And that’s exactly why we need ups and down in our emotional state. To break the cycle… as against order, we are hopeless rebels inside.
Picture our heartbeat lines going up and down with each breath we take… a beating heart is the means of survival while a flatline kills us. Our emotional line tends to work the same way, never wanting to be on a dull, single flatline.
We make bad decisions all the time even if we are not complete idiots, choose abusive people to be our one-sided love affairs and torment ourselves for pleasure at every instant we can…


We are indeed drama addicts, inflicting self-pain just to break routine.



On loneliness and ointments

Living alone has it pros and cons. We all know what they are so don’t expect me to write what we already know or can immediately think of. Recently, I have discovered the most horrible downside of living alone when trying to apply ointment to an aching back, my back. 

First of all, the saying “Scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours” loses meaning. When you’re alone, you’re alone. Even your own shadow abandons you during daytime. And at night, it’s not much help for anything let alone providing comfort for your back in agony although it lurks right behind you just like an unwanted friend. 

Secondly, severe back pain limits your mobility. So, the only ally you have is your brain to figure out how to apply the medication (the ointment) to your sore back. 

Here’s a list of my failed attempts:

1. Spoons don’t really work unless you have ape like arms.

2. Ointment applied Ice cubes sliding down your back might worsen the problem rather than cure it. They’re cold.

3. Using the wall to get the ointment in the right spot almost works but you soon realize that you’re applying it onto the wall and not to your back. Besides, it hurts and the wall will soon have a nasty greasy patch. The wall is also cold. 

4. Do not ever swallow the ointment, there’s a reason why they write “For external use only” onto the box. 

5. Asking neighbors to rub your back in the middle of the night isn’t a marvelous idea as well. 

So, the only thing left to do is….start writing something no matter how stupid it is  (just like this entry) to reel your mind away from the pain… Aaaarghh… shouldn’t have mentioned the pain.