Why do we kiss?

Just observe the world. You will not find one animal that kisses its partner to demonstrate its affection. Fish, birds, gazelles don’t do it and no, your cat or dog is not kissing you. It might be touching you with its mouth because you hug its head in point blank range and its mouth just touches your skin. It’s inevitable. And plants… they certainly can’t kiss each other. So, that leaves us…humans; the only kind that kisses others for pleasure. But why do we do it? Is it just an unavoidable perk of evolution or is there something deeper behind all that kissing?

Here are some thoughts:

1. Kissing violates personal space. The no go zone is conquered in the most pleasant way.

2. All your senses are heightened as you approach your partner for a kiss; the eyes have microscopic view of the loved one’s facial features although they also contribute to spoiling of the eyes if you keep them open during the time, the nose picks up smells that normally vanishes into the air when there’s distance, the ears can hear sounds of affection, the touch is performed by one of the most sensitive organs (the lips) and the taste? The lips and the tongue can make you experience flavors you’ve never experienced before as everyone has a different flavor. 

3. Kissing is good for the immune system as partners exchange thousands of bacteria which strengthen each other’s immune system. However, I highly doubt we kiss for medical concerns.

4. Kissing each body part has a different meaning; the lips show romantic affection, the hands demonstrate respect and the butt (not literally) tells a lot about a person’s lowly character (kissing the butt literally just shows you have a kind of weird fetish)…

And finally, kissing improves the memory! The first romantic kiss is never forgotten as it marks your transcourse from infancy to puberty….

I remember my first kiss like it was yesterday (although it happened more than a quarter century before) Her name was Rosemary, a Dutch, red-headed gal who put me over the clouds for at least a week. 

So, if you would like to share your story of your first kiss, please feel free to comment…

One thought on “Why do we kiss?

  1. I’m sorry but I disagree a bit because the human is not the only creature who kisses. Other primates kiss too. There is a close relation between expressiveness with the mouth and lips’s sensitivity. Contact no sexual but intimate (like caress and kisses) is necessary for a group cohesion.
    About point 1: it’s relative. Caress and kisses are a way no problematic. Sex is really invasive and cause of rivalry and conflict.
    Point 2. I agree in general. Flavor is a way of identity, but smell more. Although you haven’t conscious of pheromones, they are determinant. They are in front of your sight and your mind.
    Point 3. I agree. But the same is with the caress, the contact in general.
    Point 4. I agree. This is probably the most specific (human specific).

    And finally the memory. I remember the first repulsive and unfergettable kiss because it was a stolen kiss. A old man who wanted to be young snatching my smile when I only was fourteen years old.
    After that, there are a lot of kisses with different boys but only because I needed to blot out the first from my lips and my mind. I took years until I could find the lips that I kissed because I loved them.
    This is my answer for this question. Why? Love, only love.


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