The benefits of hugging 

Honestly, I wouldn’t bother reading a blog entry with a crappy title such as

“The benefits of hugging”.

It does sound lame but in our current world where we are constantly pushing people away, hiding behind an even lamer concept called “invasion of personal space”, it is to the point and such entries should be read. Especially if the author is a professional hugger. 

I’m a hugger by nature and I actually think everyone is. Why do you think we have lengthy arms? To pick fruit from tall trees? Pandas can do that with their chubby limbs. Long arms are for hugging.

And the concept “invasion of personal space” is all wrong anyway. The word “invasion” suggests that the action is done by brute force. Hugging is never an act of violence. It’s combining souls, confronting, sharing and extreme bliss…

Now get up and hug someone. 

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