Madness: The chaotic order of life

We’re trapped in something we call life, going in routine circles and expecting a hefty change in every lap. We play our parts over and over again and the only change is the uprise of the evergrowing unhappiness rooted in our souls. The society we made up and belong to, accepts this as what must be; being normal…ordinary… accepted although we are encouraged to be original, different and special since our infancy. But, somehow in the sake of acceptance, we try to fit in. Otherwise, we would just be labeled as insane, bonkers, crazy, eccentric… mad.


Let’s be unpredictable in our thoughts and actions, making fortune tellers and soothsayers obsolete. Let’s hold hands (or not) to make life interesting and worthwhile…Let’s welcome insanity with open arms…

Aren’t the bestest things in life require a level of madness?

Love is a state of madness… 

Art is an expression of insanity…

Dancing is the physical form of craziness…

Booze is temporary eccentricity…

And imagination is the reflection in all things created by mad(wo)men.

Life is too short for constant boredom. It’s never late to go bonkers and enjoy life to its greatest extent. You’ll be an outcast… for a good reason. We welcome you to our madness…

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