Notes on Terror…

When sitting in a quiet corner cafe, facing the only door and planning your escape becomes a daily choir, you realize you are no more an ordinary citizen. Every newcomer could be a potential death bringer whether it’s a heavily bearded man wearing a raincoat in a warm summer afternoon or a pregnant woman holding her underbelly with her crooked, skeletal fingers. Your eyes vagabond from face to face as if analyzing each soul under the masks. Empty looks greet your expressionless face. You feel you are powerless if what you are terrified of, were to happen. Relief seems like formerly a close friend, now a distant one whom you were cut off from ages ago. Then, you hear a crackling sound like thunder. You look up, hoping to see falling skies and the first drops of rain making contact with your bare skin. However, the terrible sound seems to have scared off even the whitest clouds, as there are none in the bright skies. You return to your seat with extreme uneasiness and reach out to your phone. Social media sites are up and running without a lag. It wasn’t a terrorist attack after all. Only a gas leak explosion in the heart of the city. You take a deep breath, take a sip from your coffee and silently congratulate yourself for surviving another day. Next day, you’ll be returning to your day job… whatever it is. And another ordinary day will commence for you.

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